Owl and Thistle

Letting people know that they are loved and matter, can save their life

“Thank you for being a voice for so many.”

-Lavonne Wells

Being There

Do you know someone who might be struggling behind closed doors and contemplating suicide? Letting them know they are loved can be the very thing that saves their life

Loving Community

When someone is considering ending their life, what they need most is love. Connect with others who have found hope again in their moments of darkness

Send Love Each Month

Our signature box is created to remind someone who is struggling, that they matter and are loved.

Why Choose Owl and Thistle?

Don’t wait to have the conversation with someone in your life to discover if they are struggling behind closed doors.

So often, we feel isolated and completely alone. We feel like we don’t matter and that we are not loved. What if you could have a conversation without fear of how they might react? What if instead, you could give them a literal lifeline? Don’t wait another minute to talk with the people you care most about if they are considering contemplating suicide.

Just follow these steps:


Don’t wait: You never know who is struggling behind closed doors.


Choose Your plan: Decide how often you would like to send someone a care box


Start the conversation: It’s never too late
About Me

Hi! My name is Crystal Partney

and I help you tell the people in your life how much they are loved because when you do, you can save their life. I’ll teach you how. Together, we can scatter hope.

Learn how 4 simple, yet powerful questions, can save someone's life

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